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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

of company b

Boy Blue
19 February
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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Name: Boy Blue
Series: Fables
4th Wall: The fact that he's Little Boy Blue is okay, but no Fables 4th wall
Age: 1,200 (16)
Trade: Soldier, Musician
Vice: Candy, Comics
Virtue: Luck, Dedication
The King Is Not Dead, Long Live the King!
Arm Yourself Because No One Else Here Will Save You
I Hear That Voice My Head Say Here We Go Again
You Leave My Heart in Misery
Lullaby of Broadway
La Martinana
Someday Your Prince Will Come
The Jumpin' Jive
In the Mood
High Society Calypso
It's Only a Paper Moon

Battle hardened, Blue was Fortune's Favorite Son (and had all the luck, until he died). Sweet and unassuming most of the time, he's a bookworm who loves Duke Ellington, Satchmo, and Swing Jazz. He's Fabletown's sweetest assistant - until you get him mad. The first to successfully and singlehandedly invade the Homelands, he's been on the forefront of anti-Adversary tactics from the get-go.

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